Packaging unit for semi-finished lenses

The Automatic Packaging Unit for Semi-Finished Lenses is dedicated to large scale packaging requirements of semi-finished lenses.

It packages 720 lenses per hour by choosing the correct plastic cup and box type out of ten cup choices and five box types. After being correctly matched to cup and box, the lens is packaged and sorted into 24 double magazines of 15 packaged lenses each, according to several different criteria that is operator set. Through the use of this machine with the Fully Automatic Pad Printing Unit for Semi – Finished Lenses, complete control and packaging is obtained with almost no operator intervention.

By adding several options of diameter, centre thickness, and curvature measurements, the machine can be used for packaging single vision and multifocal semi-finished lenses.



  • No mispack
  • High capacity
  • Automatic Labelling