Welcome to Laurent Provost, our new CEO

What if this was the first day of another life...     

This is what I thought when Christian asked me to join the AR team.

Our paths had already crossed in 2019, during a sharing of experiences when AR was reflecting on key subjects, namely the Excellence 2025 strategy, the transmission of the company to those who have developed it, the transformation of the organisation and the governance models.
From this meeting, I remembered the audacity, ambition and pioneering nature of a company that focused on happiness at work and entrepreneurship.
Where very few companies dare to take this path, you accepted the unknown, uncertainty, discovery and change. You were willing to take a break, to give yourself time to reflect, to take a step back.

Leaving Saint-Gobain after more than 26 years was a difficult choice. I held different positions in different countries. I met some great people and some of them became friends. I learned a lot about myself and experienced some great emotional moments and beautiful common achievements.


But then, I am leaving "FOR what"?


Because I am a catalyst. Curious, I like to project myself into the future, to bring forward proposals, to share explosive and positive ideas. Because I need enough space to express myself, I like to initiate change and accompany periods of transition.

Because I like to work in a company with strong values and I believe in an organisation that reveals the skills of each individual, where the growth of the company and the growth of people are linked.

Because I like contact, interaction and that this is played out at every moment, in ordinary moments such as a glance, a question, a word that suddenly brings life to the surface.

Because business is a risky venture and the risk of failure is FREEDOM!

Because man does not build himself in a cocoon but by ensuring his freedom.

And what is life if it is not risked!

Thank you all for your welcome!

See you soon.

Laurent Provost




Friday, 05 August 2022 09:12