Focovison Rx Version

The FocovisionTM by Transmission SPV-3 is used in prescription laboratories. It is connected to your computer network, from which it receives the nominal values of the prescription lens. Its main advantages are repeatability, accuracy, easy calibration, and especially its visualization system of the semi visible marks or the upper segment line corner of the addition. This system permits an accurate positioning on the different control points without any lens marking. It performs an accurate lens optical power measurement compliant with ISO/ANSI Standards by using a light beam perpendicular to the concave lens surface (‘FOA’ - Focus On Axis configuration) at a certain wavelength (546 nm or 587 nm) and by measuring in all directions (360 degrees - "ring" method). In addition, it has a user-friendly interface permitting an operator to learn how to perform the complete lens control (far view, prism reference point, near view, thickness, shape, etc.) with little training required).



  • Complete lens inspection station with positioning assistance
  • Repeatability - high accuracy
  • Operator independent (Go/NoGo decision)
  • Worldwide reference instrument