Focovision SPF-3

The FocovisionTM by Transmission SPF-3 is used in optical laboratories where the lenses are mounted into frames. It is connected to the computer network, from which it receives the nominal values of the prescription lens. Its main advantages are repeatability, accuracy, and easy calibration.

It performs a lens optical power measurement compliant with ISO/ANSI Standards by using a light beam according to ‘IOA’ (Infinity On Axis) configuration at a certain wavelength (546 nm or 587nm) and by measuring in all directions (360 degrees – “ring method”).

In addition, it’s equipped with a frame positioning device and has a user-friendly interface, permitting an operator to learn how to perform the complete lens control of the mounted lenses with little training required.


  • High accuracy & repeatability
  • Objective power measurement and Go-No Go decision
  • Prism imbalance check