Control & Inking Unit for Rx lenses

The Control Unit for Prescription Lenses is a machine dedi­cated to prescription labs producing at least 500 jobs per day.

This multi-functional automatic machine is the only one on the market to combine the lens inspection according to the ISO/ANSI standards of all lens types, the mapping of freeform lenses, the flexible digital inking and the laser engraving.

The measurement data exported by the machine are very use­ful for an effective process control.

The Control Unit for Rx lenses is the perfect tool to increase your customer satisfaction, by improving your quali­ty and optimizing the delivery times.



  • Multifunction flexible machine for all lens types and materials
  • Middle and final inspection
  • Meaningful and accurate lens inspection
  • pertinent measurement data for Statistical Process Control (Global Mapping Criteria)
  • Flexible inking
  • Possible options : Dual Spectrometer, CO2 laser engraving