AutoMapper - V3

The Dual LensMapper, integrated in this unit, gives a mapping of the prescription lens (freeform or conventional) and calculates FOA optical power at the reference points (FV, NV). For the freeforms, it compares the expected design to the real lens and displays an Error Map. A Go/NoGo decision is made, based on the error map and the list of criteria defined by the lab.

Because the A&R AutoMapper is task specific, and the system has a small footprint, you can easily integrate it into the lab, either directly after the surfacing or in the final control (also suitable for checking the cut lenses).

The AutoMapper is an excellent investment for a modern lab with a rapid payback!


  • Full automatic inspection for any lens type
  • Pertinent tool for Statistical Process Control (Global Mapping Criteria)
  • Quick feedback on production