The AutoInker is the ideal inking solution for the prescription labs producing at least 500 jobs/day.

The PPOS integrated in the machine detects the µ-engravings of the progressive lenses (any shape, even cut lenses) and identify the lens to avoid any mix up. The position of the lens is taken into account for an accurate inking.

Because the A&R AutoInker is task specific, and the system has a small footprint, you can easily integrate it into the lab, either directly in the final control or after edging (inking of cut lenses).

The AutoInker is an excellent investment for a modern lab with a rapid payback!


  • Fully automatic industrial & flexible solution
  • Shape control and lens identification* (cut lenses)
  • Good adherence on hydrophobic lenses (double step printing)
  • Inking alignment check (Option)