The A&R ProMapperTM brings "Zero Defect" Technology to labs of all sizes

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Saturday, September 29, 2018


The ProMapper provides state-of-the-art optical inspection according to the indus­try standards (ISO/ANSI), totally inde­pendent from the operator.

"The Automation & Robotics ProMapper is the ultimate tool for an ophthalmic laboratory fabricating digital freeform jobs," says Olivier Stoquart, Customer Engineering 'Zero-Defect' Manager for A&R. "ln addition to ensur­ing the quality of the products shipped to customers, the A&R ProMapper is even more critical for providing data that al­lows the lab to take proactive action re­garding their machines' adjustments and maintenance."

In addition, the ProMapper supplies freeform surface evaluation based on the A&R Error Map technology. Based on the Error Map, surface quality features like the GMC (Global Mapping Criteria) are evaluated and constitue extremely relevant inspection data for Statistical Process Control applications (SPC), maintenance and troubleshooting.

Sorne of its main features include total inspection of lens optical and geo­metrical properties, including power, prism, addition, thickness, shape and polarization axis, as well as free-form sur­face evaluation with Error Map and Go/No-Go and powers given in Focus­-On-Axis configuration, according to the Standards.

Labs will also benefit from:

  • Industrial design -not dust/dirt sensi­tive.
  • Contactless measurements -also suit­able for non-coated and high index lenses.
  • Gripper designed to handle any lens shape.
  • Super easy to use and to calibrate.
  • Automatic detection of the permanent markings or segment.
  • Easy to connect (OMA-DCS).
  • Flexible inking (also for cut lenses).
  • New, accurate centering and blocking.

The A&R ProMapper provides precise objective data for a predictive analysis, which allows the lab to avoid starting a job that is calculated, in advance, to be out of tolerance. This is what we cal! 'Zero-Defect' manufacturing -the new standard that every ophthalmic lab should strive to achieve.